Special Stage 4 – Kellia

1 Al-Attiyah/Baummel Ford Fiesta R5 10:48.5
2 Γαλαταριώτης/Ιωάννου Skoda Fabia R5 10:51.1
3 Magalhaes/Magalhaes Skoda Fabia R5 10:52.4
4 Tsouloftas/Chrysostomou Citroen DS3 R5 10:52.5
10 Demosthenous/Laos Mitsubishi EvoX 11:14.1
12 Zenonos/Christophi Mitsubishi Evo ΙΧ 11:34.5

Driver quotes after S.S 4

Nasser Al-Attiyah: We had a flat rear tyre 3km before the finish, I had to avoid Lukyanuk.

Simos Galatariotis: The problem was the opening of the stage on tarmac, we lost some time there.

Alexandros Tsouloftas: We enjoyed the first stage, we had problems with the tyre pressure last time.

Juuso Nordgren: Lukyanuk was in the middle of road, I had to hit a big rock which caused a puncture. Fortunately, he was early enough to warn me and it happened on tarmac. Lukyanuk lost control and hit the barrier. It would have been a big mess.