Special Stage 9 – Lagia

1 Al-Attiyah/Baumel Ford Fiesta R5 09:22.1
2 Magalhaes/Magalhaes Skoda Fabia R5 09:24.3
3 Galatariotis/Ioannou Skoda Fabia R5 09:28.1
4 Tsouloftas/Chrisostomou Citroen DS3 R5 09:30.8
5 Stajf/Ehlova Skoda Fabia R5 09:37.4
6 Herczig/Ferencz Skoda Fabia R5 09:38.1

Driver quotes after S.S 9

Juuso Nordgren:Stupid mistakes, I feel sorry for the whole team and everyone. I don’t have any explanation how that happened. The first corner was very slippery, I went wide, which was an amateur mistake with cold tyres. We‘ll try to continue.

Simos Galatariotis:We don’t have the right setup but good. It‘s hard for us, too much sliding. We won’t change the setup because we don’t have time for that but we keep pushing.

Bruno Magalhaes: It was very difficult, the car is too soft for me. I was struggling with traction, it was a very tricky stage, anything could happen, the grip level was zero.

Nasser Al-Attiyah: Very slippery, I think there’s something wrong with the car, everything was cold after the start. We are trying to do our best, trying to keep smooth, we have to push a little bit more.