S.S 6 Nicosia Super Special Stage

Total Length 03.52 kilometres

Time: 17:07
Road closed for public: 14:07
Road closed for the media: 14:57

Photo Op 1

Description: From the Museum/Parliament traffic lights you can see the turns entering Nehrou Street (Parliament). Also, just opposite the point you can watch the hairpin opposite the Museum.

Photo Op2

Description: Two right dirt corners through the old Nicosia Hospital grounds

Photo Op 3

Description: At the end of Nehrou Street (Parliament), the cars will turn right on the roundabout and enter Kinyras Street. There will be two chicanes on the straight (the second one will be a double!)

Photo Op 4

Description: From the previous point the cars will turn right at the Marko Drakos roundabout to Museum Street. Just outside the Garden Cafe there will be a left hairpin returning from the same street on the right.

Photo Op 5

Description: You can see the cars passing from two different directions on the Markos Drakos roundabout.

Parking for media

Head to Chylonos Street. Towards the end of the street there is a left entrance to the open space of the Old Nicosia Hospital. Follow the “Media Parking” signs  to park your car in a controlled area. Follow google map as shown in the photo.

Showing on google maps

NOTICE for mobile version: Google maps: Please click "LEGEND" button to find your stage.