S.S 9 + 12 CABLENET – Asinou

Total Length 11.07 kilometres

Time: (9th) 10:35 – (12th) 15:04
Road closed for public: (9th) 07:35 – (12th) 12:04

Spectator Point 1
Distance from start: 10.09km
Coordinates: Ν35.03.140 – Ε32.55.983

Description: Right hairpin from gravel to asphalt

Access to this point is via Nicosia-Troodos Road. Take the exit to the village of Agios Theodoros and turn left after two kilometres. You reach the point in 500 meters. The spectator spot is on the ridge to your right. Under no circumstances are you to stand at a low part, near the road and across of the turn.

Spectator Point 2
Distance from start:  10.98km
Coordinates: Ν35.03.513 – Ε32.56.272

Description: Open left tarmac hairpin

The spot is just 80 meters before the flying finish of the special stage.

Access to this point is via the Nicosia-Troodos road. Just 100 meters before the EKO petrol station, turn left and continue for 1.4 km (asphalt) near the end of the special stage. At the crossroad you will only be allowed to go straight on the dirt road for 480 meters and turn right. You will go another 600 meters and find the spot before the end.

CAUTION: It will be prohibited to enter from the start and the finish of the stage because there are no safe viewing spots.

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