11 special stages this year’s Cyprus Rally

9 October 2020


11 special stages this year’s Cyprus Rally


This year’s Cyprus Rally 2020 consists of ten gravel special routes and a asphalt super special, the second round of this year's Middle East Rally Championship, which will take place on a three-days event on 16-18 October. The route covers a total of 513.98 km, of which 181.12 are special stages. The center of the race is in Nicosia at the Service Park in Aglantzia and the Headquarters at the Olympic House.

This year's newest addition is the Eneos Super Special Stage that will be held at Achna Speedway on Sunday, 18th of October, with the first race to enter the 3.3km asphalt track at 14:26. Then in the same place will be the awards to the winners of our national race.

Saturday’s schedule (17/10) includes three repetitive (morning - afternoon) special stages in Nicosia, while on Sunday (18/10) there will be two repetitive stages in Nicosia and Larnaca, before the super special in Achna.


Friday, 16 October
17:00 Aglantzia - Start (without spectators)

Saturday, 17 October
08:48 S.S. 1 Thomason Machinery St. Epiphanios 1 18,26km
09:46 S.S. 2 Sigan Xyliatos 1 19,65km
10:29 S.S. 3  Anco Asinou 1 14,99km
13:22 S.S. 4 Thomason Machinery St. Epiphanios 2 18,26km
14:20 S.S. 5 Sigan Xyliatos 2 19,65km
15:03 S.S. 6  Anco Asinou 2 14,99km

Sunday, 18 October
08:29 S.S. 7 Cablenet Lefkara 1 26,56km
09:17 S.S. 8 Smartway Analyontas 1 14,45km
11:20 S.S. 9 Cablenet Lefkara 2 26,56km
12:08 S.S. 10 Smartway Analyontas 2 14,45km
14:26 S.S. 11 Eneos Super Special – Achna Speedway 3.3km
16:99 Awards Ceremony

Details of the special stage of Achna Speedway will be announced very soon.

It is noted that in accordance with the relevant Protocols and Instructions due to the Covid-19 provided by the FIA, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus and the CSO, this year there are several changes on the stages and routes compared to previous years.

Thus, there will be no celebration at the Start of Cyprus Rally 2020 and instead, we are going to proceed to a simple Start ceremony without spectators, on Friday 16th of October. Spectators, visitors and journalists will not be allowed to enter the Service Park, while strict restrictions will apply to the entry of the contestants' engineers, who will be the only ones to have access.

In a specially designed area, before entering the Service Park, journalists will be able to approach crews for statements.

Also, spectators will not be able to access special stages from the start and finish points.

In addition, only accredited persons will have access to the Headquarters and the Press Office.

The race is organized by the Cyprus Automobile Association with Gold Sponsor, the CABLENET and Sponsors, the ENEOS lubricants and Psaltis Auto Parts. The event is supported by the Municipality of Aglantzia, the Cyprus Police, the natural mineral water AGROS, the Shark Energy Drink and the companies, Thomason Machinery, Sigan, Anco, Smartway Motors and STS Events.

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