Flash News (After S.S.9)

5          Alexandros TSOULOFTAS (CYP) / Stelios ELIA (CYP)

"We will manage our lead with an intelligent way, our goal is to finish. I hope we do not face some unfortunate mechanical problem. We will continue as always; it is up to us. We had a broken front-right steering angle, which did not let us drive as we should, it was worrying, but at the end it didn’t cost us time. The special stages are very tough."


6          Abdullah AL RAWAHI (OMN) / Ata AL HMOUD (JOR)

“The first thing is to finish. I have someone behind me (P. Panteli / P. Laos), so we need to be careful and at the same time, safe. We need to continue like yesterday, keeping a good pace and hopefully to finish in second, which will be a very good result.”


8          Petros PANTELI (CYP) / Pambos LAOS (CYP)

"Our goal is to go faster, although we have a minor problem which did not allow us to drive the car properly. But we will fix it now, and aim to cover the gap from the car front of us (Al Rawahi / Al Hmoud). We will fight until the last special stage."


10        Panayiotis YIANGOU (CYP) / Pavlos ENGLEZOU (CYP)

"Our main aim is to finish. We have a problem with the horsepower of the car from today’s first stage. I hope we manage to fix it and then drive carefully, to finish."


9          Stavros ANTONIOU (CYP) / Demetris PIERI (CYP)

"We are already first in the Group N category (MERC 2), we have covered the gap, as we targeted. We will try to finish, without any damage to the car, quickly but steadily. We hope everything goes well."


16        Christos CHRISTODOULOU (CYP) / Evangelos XENOFONTOS (CYP)

"We will move fast, to win the first place (in MERC 2 category). I had a small problem in today's second stage, we came to the service to correct it, together with our team and to continue."


7          Hamed AL WAHAIBI (OMN) / Tony SIRCOMBE (NZL)

“We need to keep learning and getting our notes correctly. That is the entire game. And to get as close to Alex (Tsouloftas). He is driving great; I am personally so impressed by him and his level of driving. I wish Galatariotis started the rally today, it would be a good challenge. I love this championship, the Middle East rallying, I love this rally and the Cypriots and this country”.



At the end of the first half of the last day, Tsouloftas / Elias with a Volkswagen Polo are ahead, 6 minutes and 58 seconds in front of Al Rawahi / Al Hmoud (Ford Fiesta). In third place are Panteli / P. Laos (Citroen DS3), 26.6 seconds behind second.