Follow the 12 special stages of the Cyprus Rally 2021


[Nicosia, Sept. 22, 2021] - Following the start ceremony on Friday, September 24 at 19:00 CY in the centre of Nicosia, the participating crews in the 49th International Cyprus Rally will head to the municipality of Aglantzia and the service park, where the cars will remain overnight. They will depart at 08:30 CY on Saturday (25 September) for the morning loop of the three special stages of the day, which will be repeated in the afternoon. At 12:41 CY, the 30-minute service will take place, while at 17:25 CY the 45-minute service will commence.

LEG 1 

SS 1 & 4 NIKITARI - 6.19km (09:28 CY & 14:09 CY)

From the village of Vyzakia follow the road to Kapoura. At 200m after turning towards Agia Marana, go right and drive for about 2.5km. Then turn into the dirt road on your right. In 220m, go left, in 360 meters on the fork go left and in 750m you will reach approximately the middle of the special stage. 

SS 2 & 5 KAPOURAS - 20.07km (10:06 CY & 14:47)

On the road from Panagia Asinou to Forviotissa center, just before the restaurant, turn left on the uphill dirt road towards KAKOS ANEMOS. In 2.5km you will reach the 8th kilometre of the special stage. 

SS 3 & 6 KOURDALI - 21.21km (11:04 CY & 15:45 CY)

Having Forviotissa restaurant on your right, continue straight on the dirt road to Kourdali. In 1.6km you will reach the 13th kilometre of the special stage. 

On Sunday (26/09), the cars will depart at 08:15 CY from the Service Park for the three first special stages of the last day. At 12:14 CY the service will take place before the morning routes are repeated. The finish will be at 18:00 CY, at Eleftheria Square.


SS 7 & 10 LYTHRODONTAS - 13.01km (08:58 CY & 13:27 CY)

From the central square of Lythrodontas village follow the main road towards MACHAIRAS. In about 600m you will reach the special stage, about 200m after the start. 

SS 8 & 11 AGIOS EPIFANIOS – 19,02 km (09:56 CY & 14:25 CY)

On the Orountas - Platanistasa road, just after the forest station of Panagia, go left towards Fterikoudi. After 1km go left on the dirt road to Agios Epiphanios. In 200m you will reach the 6th kilometre of the special stage.

SS 9 & 12 AGIA MARINA - 10.96km (10:44 CY & 15:13 CY)

On the Orountas - Platanistasa road, 100m after the forest station Panagia, go right. In 900m you will reach the 7th kilometre of the special stage. 

The rally covers a total of 665.94km with 180.92km being the 12 gravel special stages. Following many years on a mixed surface, this year’s Cyprus Rally will be competed on completely gravel stages.

It is noted that access for the spectators in the Service Park is prohibited as well as into the start and finish sections of the special stages. 

Spectators are asked to fully comply with the instructions of the safety marshals.

The accesses to the special stages in digital form can be found in the link below:

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