Lythrodontas... 360°


[Nicosia, Sept. 23, 2021] - The community of Lythrodontas is feverishly preparing to welcome the Cyprus Rally for yet another year! On Sunday, September 26, the cars will approach the village, initially at 08:58 in the morning and again at 13:27.


Specifically, the start of SS7 and SS10 will be given just outside Lythrodontas, where the drivers will offer an exciting spectacle at the second turn of the stage, in front of thousands of fans, who are expected to flock at the famous hairpin at the western entrance of the village, where the road towards Machairas begins. To get to the above-mentioned point, where the drivers will use their hand brakes for a 360° rotation around an artificial obstacle, you just need to head from the village town square towards the road to Machairas.


Lythrodontas is one of the villages that have been closely connected to the Cyprus Rally as the route of the event has been passing through and near the village for decades. The community embraces the event and warmly welcomes the thousands of visitors who go to the village to enjoy the action, and relax in the area.


It is reminded that spectators should arrive at the site on time as they may need to park far away and walk a longer distance. The spectators also must comply with the instructions of the security marshals and stand at the points indicated for them both for their own safety and for the safety of the contestants.