Rally Flash News (After SS6)

4          Simos GALATARIOTIS (CYP) / Antonis IOANNOU (CYP)

"We are satisfied with the result. We drove fast and carefully. But we still have room for improvement, we will show it tomorrow. We are in a good path. We will try to keep first place. Tomorrow I want to drive like today and if necessary, even faster. The stages were good, a few rocks in the second loop, but nothing unreal. We also had a flat tire, but fortunately it did not cost us."


5          Alexandros TSOULOFTAS (CYP) / Stelios ELIA (CYP)

"After the problems of the first loop, with the turbo and the tire, we tried to push in the second loop. Unfortunately, the cancelled stage, which carried half the kilometres of the second loop, cost us. We are looking ahead, it is a big day tomorrow and I believe that there will be a big fight with the leader (Simos Galatariotis). I did not see him (Nasser Al Attiyah), nor the fire. At the finish I asked what happened. I contacted both, the athletes are fine."


6          Abdullah AL RAWAHI (OMN) / Ata AL HMOUD (JOR)

"It is a very difficult rally. We have to be careful, bring the car back, and finish the race."


8          Petros PANTELI (CYP) / Pampos LAOS (CYP)

"In the morning we had a problem in the three special stages, we were far behind. In the afternoon special stages, we did better and covered a lot of time. Unfortunately, the last special stage was cancelled in the last kilometres, this did not suit us, because we would climb even more in the ranking. It does not matter though, as long as the involved crew is well. We will continue tomorrow."


10        Panagiotis YIANGOU (CYP) / Pavlos ENGLEZOU (CYP)

"It was a difficult first day, we had problems with the brakes, but we fixed them. We moved carefully in the second loop, we will see tomorrow how we will continue on the stages."


3          Nasser Khalifa AL ATYA (QAT) / Giovanni BERNACCHINI (POL)

"The first day was very difficult. I do not have the experience of this rally. The second loop was better, we climbed in the standings. I pushed a lot; it was difficult for me. I need 2-3 rallies in Cyprus to learn the secrets of this country and to perform as I want."


2          Mshari ALTHEFIRI (KWT) / Nasser ALKUWARI (QAT)

"I talked before about the problems with the tires, now we changed the setting of the car, we lowered it and it performs better. We will make more changes, to be better tomorrow."


16        Christos CHRISTODOULOU (CYP) / Evangelos XENOFONTOS (CYP)

"It was a pretty good first day. We won the three stages out of the five (MERC2 category) and I am happy with the car and the result ".


18        Savvas SAVVA (CYP) / Andreas PAPANDREOU (CYP)

"In the first stages we had issues, but then we tried to correct them. The stages were cleaner in the second loop. We are not facing any serious problems other than the car program. We will try to do our best. Unfortunately, the last stage, which we really wanted to run, was cancelled. We will continue tomorrow."


9          Stavros ANTONIOU (CYP) / Dimitris PIERI (CYP)

“Our results were very good today. A flat tire in the first stage of the second loop, in the afternoon, did not affect us much. We made up for the lost time. We are going very well. We are in the second place in our category, the result is very good for the championship. We hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow."


11        Sofianos ROUSSOU (CYP) / Andreas GIANNAKOU (CYP)

"It was a very difficult day and the special stages are tough. We had problems, which I hope we solved. We will fight now for the finish."




At the end of Day 1, and with SS6 cancelled, Cyprus champion Simos Galatariotis is ahead, 26.9 seconds in front of his compatriot Alexandros Tsouloftas. Abdullah Al Rawahi (Oman) is third, 5:12.5 behind the two Cypriots.